Challenges of Marriage, Why many marriages fail today.

Have you ever wondered why many marriages fails these days?

Sometimes I ask myself why some women find it difficult to respect and honour their husband?

Sometimes I ask myself why some men find it difficult to love and value only their wife.

I keep asking myself why divorce rate is skyrocketing every minute and second of the day?

Do you agree with me that nobody enters into marriage with the intention of divorce?

Getting married is simple but staying married is difficult. The same person that says baby if I didn’t marry you no one else on this planet earth is the same person when challenges arises, that will say before I close my eye and open it, I don’t what to see you in my house again.

Now I came up with this observations many marriages fails today because

  1. Character: Many people got married today without knowing the real character of their partner. Do you know his do’s and dont’s, if yes do he know your do’s and dont’s as well? Is it accepted by both? Can you tolerate him in his annoyance or difficult situations? When you both know most of this tricks your home will be properly secured.
  2. Being Truthful: Some secrets are being hiding from the partner sometimes before the marriage then along the journey of marriage it will be revealed and it becomes a serious problem which sometimes can lead to divorce then it might be too difficult to solve. Try and be open to him if he  accepts you the way you are then both you enjoys the marriage together.
  3. Your Association; Before you get married try and find out the type of lifestyle your partner lives. Will your own lifestyle adapt to his own?  There is this adage that says show me your friend and I will show you whom you are. Mind the kind of friend you keep, the association (meeting/club) you join does your spouse really love that?

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