Bitterleaf Soup Recipes: How to make finger licking Onugbu Soup

Bitter Leaf Soup Recipe: A step by step guide on how to prepare bitter leaf Soup.


You usually eat this delectable soup in Nigeria restaurant and some occasions but you don’t really know how to prepare it? Just chill Hapimom is here to give you easy directions on how to prepare this soup (Ofe Onugbu).

Ofe Onugbu (bitter leaf Soup) as popularly called by Igbo tribes (Anambra, Enugu, Imo and Abia and Ebonyi) is among the popular Nigeria Soup in my list and is a soup every one love to taste. My love for bitter leaf is immeasurable, is a soup I can eat often without getting bored.

You may be wondering why is this bitter leaf soup (Ofe Onugbu) among the most Nigeria popular Soup.

This soup is popular because it could be made in more than four different ways and it can be refrigerated for a long period of time.

Here is the step by step guide in preparing bittter leaf Soup.

This soup can be made with either cocoa yam (ede in Igbo), Offor, ogbono, egusi (melon seed) all these are thickener.

How to Prepare bitter leaf Soup “Ofe Onugbu”

Most of Nigeria Soup are named after the particular leaf which is used in preparing it

1. Firstly wash the leaves and keep before you start cooking the soup to remove at least ninety percent of the bitter taste, to avoid ending up with a very bitter taste.

Ingredients Used in making Bitter leaf Soup

* 1kg meat of choice (beef, chicken, turkey etc)

* Bitter leaf (wash to taste)

* Half cup of ground crayfish

* 2 Maggi cubes

* Dry fish (Two medium size)

* One Stock Fish head (Isi okpoloko medium size)

* Palm oil (about 20cl)

* Salt

* Pepper

* Cocoa yam (pounded)

* Ogiri (melon seed)

This soup will serve about four persons or more depending on the stomach size. You can as well increase the size of ingredients in case you want serve large or refrigerate the remaining.

Method of Preparing bitter leaf Soup

1. Get the fresh bitter leaves and wash with cold water to remove the bitter taste, and is better and more hygienic but is time consuming. But you can buy from the market.

Bitter leaves

Onugbu leaf

Now you might noticed that after washing the butter leaves there is still traces of bitter taste. To remove this bitter taste and soften the bitter leaves completely. Boil it for ten to fifteen minutes, some people like to add potash but I don’t really advice people to do so because some times the potash might wash off the bitter leaf completely and might give the soup another taste entirely. But if you wish to add potash make sure you wash thoroughly to remove every trace of potash.

2. Wash the meat with salt to ensure there is no sand.

Meat for Bitter leaf soup

Parboil the meat remember add salt and maggi then cook for about ten minutes

3. Add the dry fish and stock fish (isi okpoloko) already washed with warm water then cook until it is tender.

Dry fish and stock fish

4. Add more water, then add palm oil allow to cook for some minutes. Add all the necessary ingredients: ground crayfish, pepper, ogiri (melon seed), maggi seasoning, add salt to taste then stir it allow to cook.

Dry fish and stock fishpalm oilcrayfish


fresh pepper



Waooo! At this time it will give you a tasty soupy look though it might still be watering.

ofe onugbu

5. Add the cocoa yam, cook until it all dissolves it may take about eight to ten minutes. Finally add you bitter leaves, stir, taste and little salt if necessary, cook for some minutes and off your stove.

cocoa yam / ede

cocoa yam/ ede

Now you are done with Nigeria bitter leaves (ofe onugbu) the soup is now ready to be served with either fufu, eba, semo, pounded yam. Enjoy your yummy yummy delicious soup.

Nigeria bitter leaf soup

Nigeria bitter leaf soup

Give it a try we will be glad to hear from you through our comment box.

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