5 Easy Steps to make Tasty Zobo Drink with Dates

Zobo drink with dates is a popular Nigeria delicious drink, easy to make with low cost. Here is a guide on how to make zobo drink with dates or dabino as natural sweetener.

Zobo is a drink that is made of dried hibiscus flowers. This beverage is usually served cold. Due to its sour taste, some people add fruit juice or sugar to it to make the drink more palatable. There are so many ways to make this zobo drink but here I will show you easy steps to make zobo drink with dates. So if it is what you have been looking for this natural ways to make zobo without adding any additives or preservative, just continue reading.

Before I discuss about this easy steps, Zobo is not just made for refreshment, it has many nutritional values

Health benefit of Zobo drink

Zobo Drink Nutritional Values

You also need to know about Zobo drink nutritional values which are applied only in the Roselle leaves meaning that the health nutrition can be increased when you add other healthy ingredients. Some of the nutrients provided by the dried leaves including:

Vitamin C









Carotene, etc.

All these nutrients make excellent health advantages of Zobo drink which can aid in boosting body immune system and metabolism. Zobo drink also contains anti-bacterial properties, rich in water soluble antioxidants, antioxidants, anti-hypertensive properties, and many more. The nutrition provided by the Zobo drink works effectively prevents certain diseases or illnesses.

1. Help to Get Back The Loss of Appetite

Zobo drink contains numerous minerals and vitamins like calcium, carotene, iron, free-caffeine, fiber, and so on. The loss of appetite sometimes related with your digestive system and thus when your digestion works well, it means that you will get your appetite back. The nutrients contained in the drink can help you to get your loss appetite while overcome any worm and bacteria in your digestive system thanks to the existence of anti-bacterial properties found in Zobo drink.

2. Health Benefits of Zobo Drink

There is some study conducted by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) in 2008 that proved consuming Zobo drink can help to lower high blood pressure particularly in a group of pre hypertension and mild hypertension of adults. The enzyme inhibitor contained in the hibiscus leaves can be used to lower the blood stream by blocking amylsea production which is an enzyme that can break down complex sugar and starches. This is also related to the natural essences provided by the Roselle leaves with natural sweet flavor and rich in healthy nutrition including anti-hypertensive properties that automatically work together to manage sugar level in your blood stream thus they can lower blood stream. This is amazing health benefits of Zobo drink.



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