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The Specific Needs of Every Woman

The Specific Needs of Every Woman

Do you find woman need confusing, or you usually left with so many questions like what exactly do this lady wants from me so that peace will reign?

Is there any simple way to understand her feelings and needs??

Do she always indirectly complain that you did it wrong .

Just chill Hapimom is here to give you that amazing secret ” the specific needs of every woman” make sure you read to to the end because I have a whole lots of good news. This will give you the freedom to build the kind of relationship you truly want because if you understand her need you will proffer solutions and you will enjoy your partner.

Now let’s go The Specific needs of every woman

1. Every woman Needs Intimacy based on Value:.

The way you admire your partner means a lot to  her. Sometimes you celebrate only the beauty of your woman without attaching value, the woman you value for her beauty and ability will feel good, happy and honoured/recognized than the woman you celebrate based on her beauty alone. The value you attach to the woman is one of the important needs of a woman. For example your wife coming back from work or market immediately you see her you say to her you look so good, beautiful, adorable is totally different when you admire her like you looks so special today, my beauty, my morale booster, the fighter, industrious woman. She will value the one you attached value more.

2. Every woman desperately needs communication.

She want you to listen to what she is saying even when you don’t understand and also give her full detailed feedback for instance; when a woman asked her husband how was the day?


She is not expecting FINE as an answer what she wants is a discussion ground, an explanation, a total download of what happened during the day a deep communication. This is where most husband miss it, you can’t satisfy a woman without engagement/discussion or communicating with her.

3. Security; Yes Protection, every woman wants to be fully secured. A woman wants protection that’s security she wants you to protect her from family, friends, neighbors, in-laws e.t.c. Sometimes you might think she is complaining NO not all. She wants her feelings, finances, emotions, children, home and future including you as the husband to be properly secured.

4. Equality:. Every woman wants to be feel equal with the partner, ooh yes don’t think the other way round. She want you to share your feelings, problems etc with her and both of you can source for solutions jointly not you confiding it in your mind alone. Remember woman are created to manage a man that’s why a skillful woman can make an ordinary man a great man, is a grace from birth.

5. Affection: This simply means loving your woman until she feels affected, every woman wants affectionate love, when I talk about affectionate I mean

She wants to be loved practically

She wants to be loved verbally

She wants to be loved unconventionally

She wants to be loved above every other thing and above everybody.

6. Passion: Sometimes it seems to look like women are jealous, do you know why because every woman wants to be treated passionately, she want romance before you talk about se* , she wants to be throne off balanced, she wants to be your babe not your wife!!! And if is for se* she want to be handled.

Apply this principle your relationship will have a good taste

Hope this article is helpful??

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