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Amazing Benefits of fresh Tomatoes to your body

Amazing Benefits of fresh Tomatoes to your body

During the week, I interviewed many moms on what else one can do with tomatoes apart from cooking with it? The responses all seems same( meaning nothing ),
Well!! I want to tell you what you can use your fresh tomatoes to achieve apart from cooking stew and jellof rice  with it.
Do you know consuming raw tomatoes juice daily in the morning before meal will help you achieve a fairer and ever tone skin?
You don’t need to spent your hard earned money on expensive cosmetic treatment if you follow these simple steps to get healthy looking skin.
1) You can use fresh tomatoes to control oily face by mixing 2 spoon of lime with 2 spoon of tomatoes juice, use cotton wool and rub in a round motion , wash out after 15 mins.
2) for glowing n smooth skin,( mix honey with 2 spoon of fresh tomatoes juice until you get thick paste , apply this mixture and wash out with warm water after 15 mins.
Is necessary and advisable to consume fresh tomatoes on daily basis because research shown that they contained lycopene , which is an antioxidant and hence work as sunscreen within which also an anti aging product, thanks.

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