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Easiest way to prepare Aju Mbaise for new mums

Easiest way to prepare Aju Mbaise for new mums

Best way to Prepare Aju Mabise
Easiest way to prepare Aju Mbaise for new mum, I knew most of you are familiar with this natural herb commonly used by new mummies or you are hearing it for the first time. It has been known for its wonders especially in the life of mummies that just gave birth or those that wants to get flat tummy.
Aju Mbaise herb was originated from Mbaise in Imo state Eastern part of Nigeria. The people of Mbaise call it ahihia ogwu, it a tested, tried and trusted medicinal herb used by Mbaise women in the olden days to get rid of gynecological issues facing women.
Aju Mbaise comprises of herbs, roots, traditional leaves and the back of a special medicinal tree that was gotten from the bush, dressed and wrapped. Not everybody can get this herb, is a skill and for you to get this you must be trained to know the type of herb and quantity needed for a wrap. God uses some Mbaise women through this herb to bring joy to a lot Women within and beyond.
Health Benefit of Aju Mbaise Herb

  1. When taken by new Mum, it helps to reduce colic in babies ie baby crying for more than three hours a day, for more than three days a week etc.
  2. Its a fat burning herb that aids in weight loss.
  3. It flushes perfectly postpartum blood also known as lochia.
  4. It stimulate the hormone for easy flow of breast milk.
    Let’s go to the business of the day
    How to prepare Aju Mbaise for new mum
    There are different way it can be prepared but here I will focus on two methods
  5. Boiling the Aju Mbaise with just water
    The herb is washed, boiled and be taken as tea mostly for people that wants to lose weight.
  6. Cooking it like pepper soup e.g goat meat pepper soup, cow head pepper soup etc and eat with EBA or any swallow of your choice. Every needs to give it a trier because is medicinal, healthy and nutritious.
    Here are the ingredients you can use to prepare Aju Mbaise for new mum 1 Dried wrapped Aju Mbaise3 Medium dried fish
    1 Tablespoon uziza seed1 big spoon uda seed
    1 long prekese
    1/2 teaspoon grounded Cameron pepper
    1/2 cup crayfish
    1/2 seasoning cube
    Salt to taste
    Unwrap the Aju Mbaise and wash with clean water
    Wash the crayfish pound and set aside
    Wash the uziza seed pound and set aside
    Wash the uda seed and prekese
    Wash the dry fish with warm water and debone then set aside
    Cooking Procedure
    Pour the washed Aju Mbaise in a clean pot, add water to the same level of the herb.
    Cook till the water is very tender
    Transfer the Aju Mbaise water to another clean pot then apply heat
    Add the washed uda prekese dry fish, grounded crayfish, uziza, pepper then allow to heat for 20 minutes
    Add salt to taste stir and allow to heat for more ten minutes and off the stove
    Your Aju Mbaise herbs/ soup is now ready to serve. Hope you enjoyed my meal and ready to give it a trier
    Side effects
    Should not be taking by pregnant woman
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