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Are you suffering from any heart related disease?

Are you hiding your feelings in silence over Low Libido or s@xual drive?

Are you a man and a woman suffering from hormonal imbalance and lack of natural lubrication while making love?

You are already losing hope about your s@x life and it’s already affecting your relationship as a man or Woman?

You are a women suffering from infertility or going through a struggle to conceive?

You don’t have urge as a man or a woman

Worry no more Help is here!

Research has shown that this  special recipe is tested and trusted for Wow effects and best performance, give tiger nuts a try

*For ages, tiger nuts and a special tiger nut drink (which includes avocado, dates and coconut) have been used to boost the libido and stimulate arousal in many African and Middle Eastern countries. However, it has only recently come to light that there are healthy benefits of tiger nuts for both female and male



Tiger Nuts are actually not nuts! They are a tuber from the root of the chufa sedge plant, originating in Africa. Tiger nut is a gluten-free root vegetable, which grows below the ground and taste crunchy like coconuts. They contain very high amount of fiber. They are eaten raw and have been considered to be a superfood.🎊


NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF TIGER NUT Consuming a cup of tiger nuts provides you with your required daily amount of fiber. It also contains iron, zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, plant protein, natural sugars, and healthy fats.



Tigernuts can be blended up to create milk (tigernut milk). It can also be grounded to create a healthy flour alternative. For a better taste, wash and soak your dried tigernuts overnight or for 12 hours.

It regulate Problems with menstrual cycle (because of either hormone imbalance or older age), tiger nuts can help you normalize your menstruations and avert ovulation decline.

Vitamin E that is contained in tiger nuts is a perfect immune system booster. A healthy body is of utmost importance when one is trying for a baby, so tiger nuts can help in making the body stronger and keeping the diseases away.

If you and your partner struggle with infertility and are undergoing treatment for it, you both should consume tiger nuts in one way or the other. They will significantly improve the success rate of the treatment.

If you are lactose intolerant and very skeptic of dairy milk, then this combo is for you!

This combo is highly rich in insoluble dietary fiber and is great for weight control on a Low carbs diet. It’s a meal on its own as a milk shake or smoothie.

improves S@x Drive and Female Fertility levels

Tiger nuts Recipes reduces the levels of sugar in the blood, boost immunity, stabilize the cardiovascular and nervous systems, activate the cerebral blood flow and give charge to the muscles.

Tiger nuts are great for detoxifying the body and removing oxidants. They also block cancer cells from developing. The important elements in the tiger nuts normalise acidity, stimulate the digestive system and activate metabolism.

Tiger nuts can be a great help when it comes to lactation. They stimulate the production of milk in your body, so that you can effectively feed your child as a nursing mother.

Also an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin E, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Arginine

Protects against cardiovascular diseases

Cures Erectile Dysfunctions and has a high non-meat protein content

This recipes is also very rich in minerals and amino acids. Contains high tons of calcium as well as electrolytes

This tiger nuts is not only packed with loads of essential minerals such as calcium, Iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc but also contains vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, donate, vitamin A and E




4 cup of tiger nut. Called ofio or Igbo calls it aki hausa , kunu aya by Hausa.

1 Medium size coconut

15 Pieces of date.

1 medium size avocado

1 Small Ginger root(optional)

How to Prepare the tiger nut Recipe:

Soak the tiger nut for 24/48 hours to make it soft ,Good idea to keep in fridge. Discard water and rinse

Remove the coconut from the shell and cut into small sizes, wash the dates and remove the seeds , skin and wash the ginger .

Put the tiger nuts, coconuts and root ginger  in a blender, add a little water and blend until smooth ,

Sieve and Strain through a nut milk bag or cheesecloth or even a clean pop sock palp cloth

Add the Avocado and dates in the already sieved tiger nut milk and blend and enjoy with ice cubes.

Or serve chilled.

Note: Make use of a powerful blender and in the absence of non increase the quantity and grind with grinding machine at the market but ensure the machine is washed well. Enjoy!!!

Just try it and give us feed back.

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