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Easiest way to prepare Aju Mbaise for new mums

Easiest way to prepare Aju Mbaise for new mums

Best way to Prepare Aju Mabise Easiest way to prepare Aju Mbaise for new mum, I knew most of you are familiar with this natural herb commonly used by new mummies or you are hearing it for the first time. It has been known for […]

5 healthy smoothies for diabetic patients

5 healthy smoothies for diabetic patients

In making smoothies for diabetic patients, we need to consider the fruits that are low in sugar, with enough veggies. Smoothie is better for a diabetic patient than juice because of the fibre content in smoothie Smoothie recipe 1 Pear & orange smoothie Ingredients: 2 […]



Hello Lovelies, good to have you here

Are you suffering from any heart related disease?

Are you hiding your feelings in silence over Low Libido or s@xual drive?

Are you a man and a woman suffering from hormonal imbalance and lack of natural lubrication while making love?

You are already losing hope about your s@x life and it’s already affecting your relationship as a man or Woman?

You are a women suffering from infertility or going through a struggle to conceive?

You don’t have urge as a man or a woman

Worry no more Help is here!

Research has shown that this  special recipe is tested and trusted for Wow effects and best performance, give tiger nuts a try

*For ages, tiger nuts and a special tiger nut drink (which includes avocado, dates and coconut) have been used to boost the libido and stimulate arousal in many African and Middle Eastern countries. However, it has only recently come to light that there are healthy benefits of tiger nuts for both female and male



Tiger Nuts are actually not nuts! They are a tuber from the root of the chufa sedge plant, originating in Africa. Tiger nut is a gluten-free root vegetable, which grows below the ground and taste crunchy like coconuts. They contain very high amount of fiber. They are eaten raw and have been considered to be a superfood.🎊


NUTRITIONAL VALUE OF TIGER NUT Consuming a cup of tiger nuts provides you with your required daily amount of fiber. It also contains iron, zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, plant protein, natural sugars, and healthy fats.



Tigernuts can be blended up to create milk (tigernut milk). It can also be grounded to create a healthy flour alternative. For a better taste, wash and soak your dried tigernuts overnight or for 12 hours.

It regulate Problems with menstrual cycle (because of either hormone imbalance or older age), tiger nuts can help you normalize your menstruations and avert ovulation decline.

Vitamin E that is contained in tiger nuts is a perfect immune system booster. A healthy body is of utmost importance when one is trying for a baby, so tiger nuts can help in making the body stronger and keeping the diseases away.

If you and your partner struggle with infertility and are undergoing treatment for it, you both should consume tiger nuts in one way or the other. They will significantly improve the success rate of the treatment.

If you are lactose intolerant and very skeptic of dairy milk, then this combo is for you!

This combo is highly rich in insoluble dietary fiber and is great for weight control on a Low carbs diet. It’s a meal on its own as a milk shake or smoothie.

improves S@x Drive and Female Fertility levels

Tiger nuts Recipes reduces the levels of sugar in the blood, boost immunity, stabilize the cardiovascular and nervous systems, activate the cerebral blood flow and give charge to the muscles.

Tiger nuts are great for detoxifying the body and removing oxidants. They also block cancer cells from developing. The important elements in the tiger nuts normalise acidity, stimulate the digestive system and activate metabolism.

Tiger nuts can be a great help when it comes to lactation. They stimulate the production of milk in your body, so that you can effectively feed your child as a nursing mother.

Also an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin E, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Arginine

Protects against cardiovascular diseases

Cures Erectile Dysfunctions and has a high non-meat protein content

This recipes is also very rich in minerals and amino acids. Contains high tons of calcium as well as electrolytes

This tiger nuts is not only packed with loads of essential minerals such as calcium, Iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc but also contains vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, donate, vitamin A and E




4 cup of tiger nut. Called ofio or Igbo calls it aki hausa , kunu aya by Hausa.

1 Medium size coconut

15 Pieces of date.

1 medium size avocado

1 Small Ginger root(optional)

How to Prepare the tiger nut Recipe:

Soak the tiger nut for 24/48 hours to make it soft ,Good idea to keep in fridge. Discard water and rinse

Remove the coconut from the shell and cut into small sizes, wash the dates and remove the seeds , skin and wash the ginger .

Put the tiger nuts, coconuts and root ginger  in a blender, add a little water and blend until smooth ,

Sieve and Strain through a nut milk bag or cheesecloth or even a clean pop sock palp cloth

Add the Avocado and dates in the already sieved tiger nut milk and blend and enjoy with ice cubes.

Or serve chilled.

Note: Make use of a powerful blender and in the absence of non increase the quantity and grind with grinding machine at the market but ensure the machine is washed well. Enjoy!!!

Just try it and give us feed back.

Why some relationships fail after years

Why some relationships fail after years

Why some relationships fail after years Have you ever wondered why some relationship fails after some years? The issue of failed relationships and why they fail is one that has been receiving lots of attention for a long time now. This is so because quite […]

How to Cure Stomach Ulcer Permanently Natural Remedies

How to Cure Stomach Ulcer Permanently Natural Remedies

Good Day everyone, hope you all have lovely day, below is effective solution on how to Cure Stomach Ulcer Permanently Natural Remedies. Try it and thank me later For those suffering from stomach ulcer, gastric ulcer and peptic ulcer, or you are searching for how to cure […]

Bitterleaf Soup Recipes: How to make finger licking Onugbu Soup

Bitterleaf Soup Recipes: How to make finger licking Onugbu Soup

Bitter Leaf Soup Recipe: A step by step guide on how to prepare bitter leaf Soup.


You usually eat this delectable soup in Nigeria restaurant and some occasions but you don’t really know how to prepare it? Just chill Hapimom is here to give you easy directions on how to prepare this soup (Ofe Onugbu).

Ofe Onugbu (bitter leaf Soup) as popularly called by Igbo tribes (Anambra, Enugu, Imo and Abia and Ebonyi) is among the popular Nigeria Soup in my list and is a soup every one love to taste. My love for bitter leaf is immeasurable, is a soup I can eat often without getting bored.

You may be wondering why is this bitter leaf soup (Ofe Onugbu) among the most Nigeria popular Soup.

This soup is popular because it could be made in more than four different ways and it can be refrigerated for a long period of time.

Here is the step by step guide in preparing bittter leaf Soup.

This soup can be made with either cocoa yam (ede in Igbo), Offor, ogbono, egusi (melon seed) all these are thickener.

How to Prepare bitter leaf Soup “Ofe Onugbu”

Most of Nigeria Soup are named after the particular leaf which is used in preparing it

1. Firstly wash the leaves and keep before you start cooking the soup to remove at least ninety percent of the bitter taste, to avoid ending up with a very bitter taste.

Ingredients Used in making Bitter leaf Soup

* 1kg meat of choice (beef, chicken, turkey etc)

* Bitter leaf (wash to taste)

* Half cup of ground crayfish

* 2 Maggi cubes

* Dry fish (Two medium size)

* One Stock Fish head (Isi okpoloko medium size)

* Palm oil (about 20cl)

* Salt

* Pepper

* Cocoa yam (pounded)

* Ogiri (melon seed)

This soup will serve about four persons or more depending on the stomach size. You can as well increase the size of ingredients in case you want serve large or refrigerate the remaining.

Method of Preparing bitter leaf Soup

1. Get the fresh bitter leaves and wash with cold water to remove the bitter taste, and is better and more hygienic but is time consuming. But you can buy from the market.

Bitter leaves
Onugbu leaf

Now you might noticed that after washing the butter leaves there is still traces of bitter taste. To remove this bitter taste and soften the bitter leaves completely. Boil it for ten to fifteen minutes, some people like to add potash but I don’t really advice people to do so because some times the potash might wash off the bitter leaf completely and might give the soup another taste entirely. But if you wish to add potash make sure you wash thoroughly to remove every trace of potash.

2. Wash the meat with salt to ensure there is no sand.

Meat for Bitter leaf soup

Parboil the meat remember add salt and maggi then cook for about ten minutes

3. Add the dry fish and stock fish (isi okpoloko) already washed with warm water then cook until it is tender.

Dry fish and stock fish

4. Add more water, then add palm oil allow to cook for some minutes. Add all the necessary ingredients: ground crayfish, pepper, ogiri (melon seed), maggi seasoning, add salt to taste then stir it allow to cook.

Dry fish and stock fishpalm oilcrayfish

fresh pepper



Waooo! At this time it will give you a tasty soupy look though it might still be watering.

ofe onugbu

5. Add the cocoa yam, cook until it all dissolves it may take about eight to ten minutes. Finally add you bitter leaves, stir, taste and little salt if necessary, cook for some minutes and off your stove.

cocoa yam / ede
cocoa yam/ ede

Now you are done with Nigeria bitter leaves (ofe onugbu) the soup is now ready to be served with either fufu, eba, semo, pounded yam. Enjoy your yummy yummy delicious soup.

Nigeria bitter leaf soup
Nigeria bitter leaf soup

Give it a try we will be glad to hear from you through our comment box.

How To Make your P@nis Smell Good

How To Make your P@nis Smell Good

How To Make your P@nis Smell Good As a man, keeping your p@nis healthy and sweet is important. Your se*ual organs are very valuable and must be cared for. But before I proceed let’s me quickly explain some terminologies  used here: Please don’t use slang […]

Amazing Benefits of fresh Tomatoes to your body

Amazing Benefits of fresh Tomatoes to your body

During the week, I interviewed many moms on what else one can do with tomatoes apart from cooking with it? The responses all seems same( meaning nothing ), Well!! I want to tell you what you can use your fresh tomatoes to achieve apart from […]

5 Easy Steps to make Tasty Zobo Drink with Dates

5 Easy Steps to make Tasty Zobo Drink with Dates

Zobo drink with dates is a popular Nigeria delicious drink, easy to make with low cost. Here is a guide on how to make zobo drink with dates or dabino as natural sweetener.

Zobo is a drink that is made of dried hibiscus flowers. This beverage is usually served cold. Due to its sour taste, some people add fruit juice or sugar to it to make the drink more palatable. There are so many ways to make this zobo drink but here I will show you easy steps to make zobo drink with dates. So if it is what you have been looking for this natural ways to make zobo without adding any additives or preservative, just continue reading.

Before I discuss about this easy steps, Zobo is not just made for refreshment, it has many nutritional values

Health benefit of Zobo drink

Zobo Drink Nutritional Values

You also need to know about Zobo drink nutritional values which are applied only in the Roselle leaves meaning that the health nutrition can be increased when you add other healthy ingredients. Some of the nutrients provided by the dried leaves including:

Vitamin C









Carotene, etc.

All these nutrients make excellent health advantages of Zobo drink which can aid in boosting body immune system and metabolism. Zobo drink also contains anti-bacterial properties, rich in water soluble antioxidants, antioxidants, anti-hypertensive properties, and many more. The nutrition provided by the Zobo drink works effectively prevents certain diseases or illnesses.

1. Help to Get Back The Loss of Appetite

Zobo drink contains numerous minerals and vitamins like calcium, carotene, iron, free-caffeine, fiber, and so on. The loss of appetite sometimes related with your digestive system and thus when your digestion works well, it means that you will get your appetite back. The nutrients contained in the drink can help you to get your loss appetite while overcome any worm and bacteria in your digestive system thanks to the existence of anti-bacterial properties found in Zobo drink.

2. Health Benefits of Zobo Drink

There is some study conducted by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) in 2008 that proved consuming Zobo drink can help to lower high blood pressure particularly in a group of pre hypertension and mild hypertension of adults. The enzyme inhibitor contained in the hibiscus leaves can be used to lower the blood stream by blocking amylsea production which is an enzyme that can break down complex sugar and starches. This is also related to the natural essences provided by the Roselle leaves with natural sweet flavor and rich in healthy nutrition including anti-hypertensive properties that automatically work together to manage sugar level in your blood stream thus they can lower blood stream. This is amazing health benefits of Zobo drink.



Challenges of Marriage, Why many marriages fail today.

Challenges of Marriage, Why many marriages fail today.

Have you ever wondered why many marriages fails these days? Sometimes I ask myself why some women find it difficult to respect and honour their husband? Sometimes I ask myself why some men find it difficult to love and value only their wife. I keep […]

My Diary

Challenges of Marriage, Why many marriages fail today.

Challenges of Marriage, Why many marriages fail today.

Have you ever wondered why many marriages fails these days?

Sometimes I ask myself why some women find it difficult to respect and honour their husband?

Sometimes I ask myself why some men find it difficult to love and value only their wife.

I keep asking myself why divorce rate is skyrocketing every minute and second of the day?

Do you agree with me that nobody enters into marriage with the intention of divorce?

Getting married is simple but staying married is difficult. The same person that says baby if I didn’t marry you no one else on this planet earth is the same person when challenges arises, that will say before I close my eye and open it, I don’t what to see you in my house again.

Now I came up with this observations many marriages fails today because

  1. Character: Many people got married today without knowing the real character of their partner. Do you know his do’s and dont’s, if yes do he know your do’s and dont’s as well? Is it accepted by both? Can you tolerate him in his annoyance or difficult situations? When you both know most of this tricks your home will be properly secured.
  2. Being Truthful: Some secrets are being hiding from the partner sometimes before the marriage then along the journey of marriage it will be revealed and it becomes a serious problem which sometimes can lead to divorce then it might be too difficult to solve. Try and be open to him if he  accepts you the way you are then both you enjoys the marriage together.
  3. Your Association; Before you get married try and find out the type of lifestyle your partner lives. Will your own lifestyle adapt to his own?  There is this adage that says show me your friend and I will show you whom you are. Mind the kind of friend you keep, the association (meeting/club) you join does your spouse really love that?